Dear Customers,
Now harvesting Yellow Nectarines, Berries when available. Best chance to get some berries, Thursday Friday or Saturday morning. Candy plums expected to start around 28/11

Please take the time to read EVERYTHING on this page. I recieve many messages a day and am finding it difficult to respond as well as work (I pick and pack, serve, take bookings, do honey bottling/deliveries, staff rosters, ordering and bookwork ), Mum  (and sleep sometimes. Ha Ha!!). Most of the questions are answered here. Don't hesitate to text message 0419688039 if you can't find an answer here though. I will respond ASAP. I can't listen to voice messages so please text instead.We need you to be aware of our rules prior to yor visit so you know how it all works. Please read all signage on arrival also. Thankyou for your understanding. Jaime...
 Hi All,
Weekend Morning sessions are very popular but please remember we are also open afternoons and weekdays.
 We will not take specific berry bookings anymore. If there are some ready to pick when you are here picking stone fruit you will be allowed to pick them. I can't answer the question if there will be any as I don't know how much the customer before you might pick and we don't have all that many strawberry plants as this is our first trial year. Best advice I can offer is that Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning is most likely to have some.
Please be aware that we can't tell you exact dates of when particular fruits harvest. It is all up to mother nature and things can change very quickly. We do our best with the estimates. There are plenty of spaces for stone fruit harvest so start planning your trip. Weekends fill quickly. (the below video shows estimated timing)
Please take a screen shot of your receipt to bring on the day. No need to collect tickets although your receipt will say they are ready at the next trading hour. I have records but just in case I make a mistake a screen shot would help to quickly rectify the situation.
 I have now removed the commenting on the website please email or text 0419688039 if you need more information.
Please understand that all bookings are required to be made via the booking site, unless for special occasions, large groups (over 20) or tour groups. Once a session is sold out there is no more availability. We only have a small amount of berries this year but there is an amazing crop to be picked on the stone fruit.
Pricing may vary if there is an extreme circumstance but our standard pricing is 
ENTRY Adult $5, Child (5-15) $3, under 5 free
$6/kg for stone fruit,
$10/kg Strawberries and
$20/kg blueberries.
We ask that you respect our orchard, although we understand you wish to taste the fruit we ask that you taste only one, ( NO STRAWBERRY TASTING PERMITTED AS THERE IS JUST NOT ENOUGH). The rest you are required to purchase. We dont want to see our fruit which is only on the trees once a year all over the ground and wasted. Please understand that this is once a year income for us and if you are caught disrespecting the orchard we do have the right to ask you to leave. We also want you to be aware that if you pick in an undesignated area and the fruit is immature you will be charged $20/kg. We know many cultures like green plums and small green nectarines but if these were to be full size then they would weigh 4 times as much so we will charge more. Our major season only lasts 10 weeks max a year and we require the income to survive till the next one. We appreciate your understanding on this. We don't like to post this sort of thing although we work hard all year to produce the fruit and it is very heart breaking for us to see it droppped all over the orchard or picked at a tiny size without prermission from owners. If you dont want to buy it please dont pick it.
This is an ALL WEATHER event and bookings are NON REFUNDABLE. Please dress to the conditions and bring spare shoes in wet weather. Tickets will NOT be REFUNDED or TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER DATE/TIME.  (this messes with my numbers for COVID 19 limits and defeats the purpose of taking bookings) so please be sure you are able to attend at the date and time of your booking prior to making it. Thank you for your understanding.
We appreciate you all adapting so well to this new system. It's been difficult but in these times we need to do what is best for everyone's safety.
Thank you and we hope to see you throughout the season.
Jaime and the Canoelands team
Bookings can be made at Bookings Link
  • Tractor rides are unavailable until further notice for your safety.
  • Entry $5 Adult, $3 child (5-15), under 5 free or family 2 adults and 2 or more kids $16
  • We supply environmently friendly picking bags on entry (@ a fee of $1 each during sales) but you are also encourage you to BYO bags and containers.
  • Animal food is available for purchase. Please do not feed any animals on the farm anything else! We don't want them to get sick.
  • NO DOGS, we love dogs here but we ask that you don't bring your dog to the farm. We have our own dogs (one who has been previously attacked and does not cope well with other dogs), some of our customers are very scared of dogs and our alpacas get quite distressed when random dogs show up. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Bookings are required
COVID_19 Due to the current Health Regulations we have amended our operational rules. We insist you comply for your own health and the health of other patrons and staff.
(Persimmon, limes, lemons and Tamarillo are now sold out for the year)
  • only 1 person to attend service counter
  • Cash or card available although Card payment is preferred
  •  Wash your hands often. We have a sink AT THE REAR of the shop with soap for your convenience.
  • Our cafe will have tea, barista coffee, milkshakes, cold drinks, toasties, wraps and pies available, only limited seats available in the cafe but you are welcome to find somewhere to sit out of the shop.
  •  Respect social distancing. Remain 1.5m from other patrons at all times. We are outdoors with lots of space to make this possible.
  • We are allowing picnics but expect all patrons to follow COVID rules. We appreciate if you bring your own rugs or chairs.
  •  We appreciate you all departing at your booking end as we will have more people arriving and wish to make sure we do not exceed limits and everyone is able to enjoy their experience. If you arrive late there will be no extensions on departure times.
  •  If you think you are unwell please do not come. 
We will be keeping all high traffic areas (e.g. toilets, counters and hand washing sink) cleaned and sanitized regularly.
There is plenty of room on farm. We appreciate your understanding during these trying times.
Stay well and we hope to see you soon
The Canoelands Orchard Team

Approximate Harvest timing

Please always check in advance as this is an estimate of timing and weather can change the timing year to year.