Dear Customers,
New Bookings available

Please take the time to read everything on this page. I recieve many messages a day and am finding it difficult to respond as well as work, mum  (and sleep. lol). Most of the questions are answered here. Don't hesitate to text message 0419688039 if you can't find an answer here though. Thankyou for your understanding. Jaime...
 Hi All,
I have just published bookings for October and November.
Please note that there will be more berry/stonefruit spaces but it is too early to determine timing. (spaces for berry picking are very limited and sell fast). We may also start stone fruit 1 week earlier than available but again it is too early to say if they will be ready.
Please be aware that we can't tell you exact dates of when particular fruits harvest. It is all up to mother nature and things can change very quickly. We do our best with the estimates. There are plenty of spaces for stone fruit harvest so start planning your trip. You don't need to panic as you will be able to find space to book for stone fruit. I am still working on the December bookings page at the moment.
Go to ,most recent updates and then click on the bookings link.
To those of you who's messages I was unable to reply to on this website due to technical issues from the web host I do apologize.
Please understand that all bookings are required to be made via the booking site, there is no waiting list so "first in best dressed" and direct messaging me will not help as there is only enough fruit for the spaces advertised. Once a session is sold out there is no more availability. We only have a small amount of berries this year.
Thank you and we hope to see you throughout the season.
Jaime and the Canoelands team
Strawberries and Blueberries now harvesting. 
We have a very limited amount of strawberries and blueberries now harvesting. We are offering bookings now for Saturdays 10:30-12 and Wednesdaty 10-11:30.  At this point we only have enough produce to offer minimal bookings so please be patient if you can't get in yet. Bookings will increase as the harvest is more established.
Bookings can be made at Bookings Link
  • Tractor rides are unavailable until further notice for your safety.
  • Entry $5 Adult, $3 child (5-15), under 5 free or family 2 adults and 2 or more kids $16
  • We supply environmently friendly picking bags on entry (@ a fee of $1 each during sales) but you are also welcome to BYO.
  • Animal food is available for purchase. Please do not feed any animals on the farm anything else! We don't want them to get sick.
  • NO DOGS, we love dogs here but we ask that you don't bring your dog to the farm. We have our own dogs (one who has been previously attacked and does not cope well with other dogs), some of our customers are very scared of dogs and our alpacas get quite distressed when random dogs show up. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Bookings are required
COVID_19 Due to the current Health Regulations we have amended our operational rules. We insist you comply for your own health and the health of other patrons and staff.
(Persimmon, limes, lemons and Tamarillo are now sold out for the year)
  • only 1 person to attend service counter
  • Cash or card available although Card payment is preferred
  •  Wash your hands often. We have a sink AT THE REAR of the shop with soap for your convenience.
  • Our cafe will have tea, barista coffee, milkshakes, cold drinks, toasties, wraps and pies available, only limited seats available in the cafe but you are welcome to find somewhere to sit out of the shop.
  •  Respect social distancing. Remain 1.5m from other patrons at all times. We are outdoors with lots of space to make this possible.
  • We are allowing picnics but expect all patrons to follow COVID rules. We appreciate if you bring your own rugs or chairs.
  • Once we feel that we are at full COVID safe capacity we will not allow any more arrivals. It will be case of first in best dressed.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we wish to have a safe environment for both patrons and staff to enjoy.
  •  If you think you are unwell please do not come. 
We will be keeping all high traffic areas (e.g. toilets, counters and hand washing sink) cleaned and sanitized regularly.
There is plenty of room on farm. We appreciate your understanding during these trying times.
Stay well and we hope to see you soon
The Canoelands Orchard Team

Approximate Harvest timing

Please always check in advance as this is an estimate of timing and weather can change the timing year to year.